see you in september jimmy daddy

As you may know, the Mystiqueros are blessed to have many part time members. The incomparable Marcus (Crazy Uncle Mertis) Eldridge, Corby Schaub and Ron Flynt just to name a few. But this summer we got to spend the whole month of July with Jimmy Davis. From shows in Alabama, Nashville, and his home town of Memphis, to west Texas and the mountains of New Mexico. All over the Hill Country, DFW and even Oklahoma City, we played, we sang and we had fun.

Jimmy Daddy is no stranger to the road. In the 80’s he had a top 40 hit and MTV video hit with a song called “Kick The Wall”. He toured all over with his band Junction. One of my favorite things about Jimmy is the stories. From performing around Memphis as a kid, to MTV, to writing in Nashville, to riding the road and camping his way across America as a singer songwriter, he’s always got a story to tell. If you’ve seen him perform, you know the energy he brings to every song. That energy of his reminded me of the singer I am and always makes me bring it up from my toes.

No shirt, no shoes, a six pack of PBR; 11 a.m. rocking 30 people like they were 30,000. That’s Jimmy. From the toes.

It’s been a great run this last month. Many miles and giant craters of rock music left in very town. One of my favorite things about the MQ’s are the wonderful musical compadres that pass in and out of our shows. We have our first show in a month without The Reverend Uncle Cousin Jimmy Daddy Davis (no one is safe from the nicknames around here) tonight and I know we’ll all feel like something’s missing. But, he’ll be back in September. We’ll see him in Taos for Michael Hearne’s Big Barn Dance Festival and he’ll be with us on the 2nd Annual Walt’s Across Texas Tour. Once a Mystiquero, always a Mystiquero.



p.s. There’s lot’s of old footage on YouTube of Jimmy and Junction from the 80’s. Below is one of my favorites…

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