What Is It About Baseball?

What is it about Baseball? It threads us together. Our passions. Our childhood memories. Our children. We share it. We play it. We can mark our time here by the ups and downs of it. Once again, Baseball is a big part of our Northeast tour. Stopping in Cooperstown to play a house concert for our friend Brad Horn who is a big part of the Baseball Hall of Fame, we were treated to a private look at some of the behind the scenes artifacts at the Hall. I found my self giddy as I saw boxes on the shelf with “Gehrig” on them and undeniably moved at the site of a baseball recovered from the ground zero rubble of 9/11. It would take me a week to really see everything at the Hall of Fame and since it’s always growing, maybe I can just spread my week out over the next 5 years or so. It’s beautiful to see all the people. All the families that flock to Cooperstown in the sweet summer months to pray at the Church of Baseball. Cause it is a bit like Church isn’t it? We have rituals and reverence for it. Prophets and poets. Heros and villains. It restores our faith and gives us hope. I am moved overtime I visit this place and can;t wait to share it with my own son in years to come.

Baseball recovered from Ground Zero 9/11


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