The MQ’s and their Chippewas

No lie: Even though I’ve given 2 pairs of my precious Chippewas (Model # 27914) to fellow troubadors; 1 pair to Chris Berardo, and the other to Mickey Braun, I won’t give this last pair away. This pair of boots fits me like boots fit in songs, like they know me.

Our friend Clark at Chippewa calls this particular style of boot the “Mystiquero” boot & its true. This is the pair the Mystiqueros all have, and wear most often. They are heavy, durable (maybe indestructable), and they are a much cooler looking boot than I should be allowed to wear, because I am most definitely not cool. I elected to have these boots on the front cover of my new record, “Plenty,” not my face. The designer, who works in Fort Worth, Texas, must regard these among his finest creations. I hope so.

The Mystiquero boot is constructed in El Paso, Texas & Joplin, Missouri, and Chippewas a 100+ year old company from Wisconsin. That’s about as home-grown Americanas there is. Check out; there’s an insanely cool collection of high-quality, iconic footwear. We call it boot-porn.

Now, Chippewa has made a few new pair of our beloved Mystiquero Boot for us to try out in a lighter, sand color, with rough-out leather. They may be cooler than the originals – ‘Hard to say. But I suspect I will wear my new pair of Mystiquero Boots for a long time, and with apologies to many of my fellow troubadors who will without a doubt cast longing eyes down at my new friends, I don’t think I will give these away either.
They’ll be available to everyone before long.


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