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a beautiful trip

the mighty mystiqueros did 5,000 miles, 15 states, 19 gigs in 22 days in june, and i could have stayed on the road a while longer, i was having such a great time playing for new faces, and making new friends out there.  there were so many highlights, and so many cool gigs – the […]

the carolina food wrap up

WW was kind enough to chronicle our journey through the Carolina’s, but he did leave out one important thing…..  at least it’s something important to me…..  the FOOD! I know I tend to talk about food more than music, but the road becomes a collection of meals even more than a collection of gigs for […]

18 shows in 22 days

And so it begins…… We’re off. The Mystiquero summer 2001 east coast tour has begun! 18 shows, 22 days and …..  I don’t actually want to know how many miles. WW and I packed the van and headed off to Tomball, TX for our first show at Main Street Crossing. Austin musician Patterson Barrett joined […]

The Fog Rolls In

I know, I know, bad blogger, bad…..  I have been quite remiss in my MQ blogging duties of late, but to be honest, we’re in the slow season for all things MQ. Spending time with family and playing a few shows close to home. So, not much new news here. Don’t worry, come next spring, […]

What A Day

Tip toeing barefoot through secret doorways into rooms filled with books and antiques. The walls covered in paintings. Guitars signed by stars shine in all the corners. Muddy Waters growls from the juke box as we play a game of Cut Throat on the ornate billiards table. Were these my dreams or is that how […]


5 am came way to soon yesterday. Or was that the day before? Anyway, after a nice Sushi dinner outing in Austin I got home and packed for the road. Sleep usually comes easy for me, but I was restless and didn’t get much. As far as I’m concerned if you have to get up […]

And so it begins…….

In the dark of early morning, not enough sleep, or none at all, we meet to travel east. You’d think it would be more rock-n-roll than G dropping off a car seat at my house so my girlfriend can help his wife with the kids. Ray’s the rock star for having no sleep. We’ll be […]